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Animals like owls, woodpeckers, jaguars and wolves live in forests. Forest life is some of the most complex on the planet and each animal is important to the ecosystem.


Some general names of forests are tropical rainforest, temperate deciduous forest, temperate coniferous forests, alpine forests and boreal forests, which are also known as taiga or subalpine. Forests are named or classified according to their environment and the types o...


Forests provide essential habitat to wildlife, produce oxygen, act as carbon sinks, control pollution and prevent erosion. Forests are also a source of many useful products and are an important part of the economy.


One fact about forests is that they occupy approximately one-third of Earth's land area. Forests are complex ecosystems where many different types of plant and animal species coexist. While there are different types of forest, trees are typically the dominate species of...


In a commercial forest, the aim is to get the most possible timber, fuel, wood and other forest products. Commercial forests are considered a business enterprise.


The temperate forest is home to many different animals including several species of mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Skyenimals, a web source, gives a full list of the animals found in this habitat.


Some of the animals found in a tropical forest include the jaguar, the macaw, lemurs and monkeys. In a temperate forest, depending on the latitude, there might be black bears or badgers.