The Ancient Greeks spoke Ancient Greek with three different major dialects: Aeolic, Doric and Ionic. They were the first Europeans to both read and write with an alphabet. This alphabet eventually led to the development ... More »

Approximately 99 percent of the people in Greece speak Greek. However, people in Greece start learning English in the third grade, therefore most Greeks who are under 40 are also fluent in English. Other languages that G... More »

Meanings of Greek words can be found online through dictionary websites such as Internet users can also translate Greek words into English and other languages with translation websites. More » Education

The Ancient Greeks, specifically the boys, enjoyed physical activities, such as playing hockey. The boys often played their games naked so girls could not watch them play. More »

Ancient Greeks used ships, wagons and walking as transportation methods. The citizen’s social class and wealth as well as the terrain often determined what form of transportation was used. More »

The territory of ancient Greece had been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, according to archaeological excavation findings, before it was colonized by the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. The result of mu... More »

For a period spanning over 10 centuries, Ancient Greeks used a currency by the name of Drachma. Drachmas were coined money and came in round coins of different sizes based on the worth. More » History Ancient History Ancient Greece