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The two basic kinds of trees are coniferous and deciduous, which branch into a variety of types and species. The exact number of tree species in the world is undetermined because only a small percentage of plant or animal species have been discovered and classified.


Examples of animals that live in trees are the koala, orangutan, squirrels, birds and spider monkeys. Animals that spend most of their time in trees are called arboreal animals.


Pine trees can be identified by examining their needles, bark, cones and growth form and comparing the results to a field guide or dichotomous key. Additionally, considering the geographic location of the trees can reduce the list of possible species. For example, loblolly pines are restricted to th


One of the most important things that trees give people is oxygen to breathe. Trees also give shade, house animals and muffle noise.


Several commonly planted trees have white bark, including varieties of birch, sycamore and poplar. Among these trees, however, the look of the bark and trunk and their particular shade of white can differ greatly. Thus, an inspection of both, as well as the trees' leaves, can help with identificatio


To identify a berry tree, use a tree-identification book or another reliable resource. The shape, color and size of the berry and the overall appearance of the tree are features used to identify specific tree species.


There are many different types of trees that have red berries, including American holly, yew, dogwood and flowering crabapple. The red berries of some trees, including the yew, may be toxic to humans.


Coconut fruits grow on a Cocos nucifera tree, otherwise known as a coconut palm. The slender, ringed tree trunk reaches heights up to 80 feet, with a swollen base and a crown of giant leaves that splay outward like feathers. Coconuts reach maturity after about a year of ripening, with each tree yiel


Many types of trees have pink flowers, including the Eastern redbud tree and the dogwood tree. The Eastern redbud's flowers can range from pink to reddish purple, and the tree may turn yellow in the fall. It can grow as high as 20 to 30 feet, and it blooms in early spring.


Evergreen plants have been important to people during the winter for millennia, but the Christmas tree tradition dates back to 16th century Germany when Christians would bring trees inside and decorate them. One tradition involves Protestant reformer Martin Luther as the first to put lighted candles