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There are many insecticides targeted at killing spiders, including Raid, Hot Shot, Ortho-Home and Doktor Doom. There are also natural methods and products to kill spiders, such as baking soda, vacuuming, spot treating, sanitizing, and filling holes and cracks in a home.


Some methods to kill indoor spiders include chemical sprays, dusts, powders and glue traps. There are also many natural deterrents to keep spiders from entering the home, including peppermint oil, vinegar and eucalyptus oil.


Some common ways to kill spiders include essential oils, salt water and diatomaceous earth. Removing outdoor clutter, such as wood, mulch, garbage and weeds, sometimes prevents spiders from nesting in the home.


Spiders do not need harsh pesticides to be eradicated. Essential oils, eucalyptus, tobacco, salt and white vinegar can all be used to make your home a less than ideal place to live. If all else fails, a shoe to smash them with always works.


Regular cleaning of storage areas inside the home reduces spider populations. It is also necessary to maintain lawns and gardens to eliminate spiders inside the home.


Pure bleach will kill spiders if it is applied directly to the insects. The easiest way to use bleach is to mix it with water in a spray bottle.


The most powerful scents that repel spiders are peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, cedar and tobacco. Other repellents include white vinegar, a sealed and clean perimeter, cats, citrus and cedar mulch or shavings.


All spiders are carnivorous, which means they eat a variety of insects and other spiders. Large spiders are able to eat small vertebrates like mice and small birds.


Stomping on the spiders or otherwise physically killing them is likely effective if you only see one wolf spider in or around your home. If there are spiders inside of the home, use an aerosol bomb or spray to kill them. A number of chemicals and traditional pesticides can kill wolf spiders outside


Spraying infected plants with chemical pesticides or organic repellents kills the spider mites living on the plants. It is recommended to first spray off the plant with water to remove as many spider mites as possible.