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Mold growing on wood is generally eliminated by wet vacuuming affected areas, applying solutions made from mild detergents and water, then drying the area and vacuuming again. Since removing mold involves handling chemicals that may cause eye and skin irritation, proper...


To kill black mold, wash the moldy area with detergent, then coat it with a bleach and water solution. Finally, apply a borate-based solution to the area. Allow the surface to dry completely between each step.


The best way to remove mold from wood is washing with a mixture of soap, chlorine bleach and water, according to the University of Tennessee. Increasing ventilation helps to lower humidity and keep wood dry, preventing new spores from growing more colonies of mold.


Minor instances of mold can be easily killed and cleaned with typical household cleaning products, such as as bleach or another non-ammonia based solution. However, larger infestations can cause numerous health issues and often require intense protective measures from a...


To remove mold from wood, select a cleaning solution, put on protective gear, scrub the wood and then let it dry. The required materials include a cleaner, rag, protective gear and possibly sandpaper. The cleaning time varies depending on the severity of the mold.


There is no exact temperature documented to kill mold and its spores. In fact, there are conflicting reports as to whether heated air or freezing air even kills mold.


Some of the best products for getting rid of black mold include bleach, vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Black mold is obtrusive and can even be harmful, but these cleaning products can remove mold and prevent it from returning.