Zigbee is a set of standardized solutions for wireless telecommunications designed for sensors and controls, and suitable for use in harsh or isolated conditions. Zigbee operates at one of three license-free bands, 2.4 G... More »

Automatic doors are able to detect persons, and open at the appropriate time, through the use of automatic sensors. There are many types of sensors that are used on automatic doors. More »

Modems use frequency shift keying to send digital information over a telephone line. The sending modem modulates the digital data into a signal that can be deciphered by the phone line, while the receiving modem demodula... More »

Censoring the Internet works through legal restrictions and through physical blocking with the use of software and hardware. Web filtering software uses keyword blocking and blacklists to restrict access to particular we... More »

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The telecommunications acronym 4G LTE stands for fourth generation Long Term Evolution. Fourth generation and Long Term Evolution are actually two separate terms. Fourth generation refers to a number of broadband mobile-... More »

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Peerless Network is a company that provides wholesale telecommunications services to local exchanges, wireless exchanges and cable companies. As of 2015, Peerless Network has one of the largest interconnection networks i... More »

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Lutron offers a wide variety of home automation products as of 2015, including wireless lighting controls, occupancy/vacancy sensors, window shade controls and temperature controls. All of these solutions are available f... More »

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