Zero divided by zero is indeterminate. Contrary to popular expectation, zero divided by zero is not infinity. Division suggests a ratio between two quantities and describes how one of the quantities depends on the other,... More » Math Arithmetic

Zero is an integer. An integer is defined as all positive and negative whole numbers and zero. Zero is also a whole number, a rational number and a real number, but it is not typically considered a natural number, nor is... More »

Zero gravity is a term often used to describe weightlessness, and it is often confused with microgravity. While escaping the gravitational pull of the Earth, sun and other celestial bodies can never be done completely, i... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

Zero squared is still equal to zero because zero times any real number is zero. Squaring a number simply means to multiply it by itself, or to raise it to the exponent of two. For example, zero squared can be written as ... More »

Brahmagupta, a Hindu mathematician and astronomer, first used a dot underneath other numbers to represent the number zero in 628 A.D. He was the first to develop additive and subtractive operations that use zero. More »

The square root of 1,600 is 40. The square root of any number can be determined by plugging it into the equation x times x equals y. Thus, for 1,600, the formula is 40 times 40 equals 1,600. More »

The factors of 54 are 1, 54, 3, 18, 2, 27, 6 and 9. Factors are the numbers that evenly multiply into a given number. More »