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Your Greatest Accomplishments = Your Greatest Selling Points. With a question about greatest or proudest accomplishment(s), the interviewer is giving you the opportunity to choose a story you want to highlight in the interview. You’re not being limited to talking about teamwork or leadership or even necessarily a work accomplishment.


Example Answer for Your Greatest Achievement or Accomplishment (Experienced): My greatest professional achievement was turning around the success of my last employer’s Marketing department. When I joined, the entire team was struggling and we were failing to hit our quarterly goals.


The best approach is to think about your top three accomplishments. Two reasons for this: 1) it will help you to compare your top accomplishments to decide which is the best to present; and 2) a practiced interviewer may follow this question with: "What is your second greatest accomplishment?" and "What is your third greatest accomplishment?"


Practice your answer to the question "What's your greatest accomplishment?" so that you can tell the story in about the same amount of time that these three job-seekers did. Leave a comment and ...


"My greatest achievement to date has been raising money and awareness for a local charity that supports the children of addicted mothers. I facilitated the fundraiser this year, and we raised over $30,000 and received thanks from the city's mayor. It was an honor to have led that initiative."


Share examples with the hiring manager. When you're asked about your accomplishments, give a specific example of what you did in your last position.That example should correlate closely with the job requirements listed in the posting. Be sure to provide context about the example – for instance, what the task was, and what specific accomplishment you achieved.


So, what’s your greatest achievement? By now you’ll see that you that ‘what’s your greatest achievement?’ is all about revealing facts and figures, showing off relevant skills and values and giving a confident performance. Ace your interview preparation by checking out how to answer other common interview questions, here.


Your greatest achievement may be part of an answer to the question - tell me about yourself. If you don’t include this part in your answer, the interviewer may ask about your greatest achievements for getting a clear picture of your accomplishments.


Most interviewers will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses; however, this question is specifically tailored for the interviewer to see what successes you value in the workplace. Ensure that the accomplishment you list is work-related. Think about the times when you were given extra kudos in the workplace or when you received a special ...


Furthermore, you may not even consider your greatest achievement to be work-related; you might consider it to be an event in your private life like working with an autistic child or overcoming a personal obstacle. Here are some techniques to answer questions about your greatest accomplishments: