Ymail is a domain offered by Yahoo Mail. The domain was introduced in 2008 as an effort to attract new users and hold onto existing ones who were leaving for other providers. Ymail uses the same interface as Yahoo Mail. More »

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Ymail.com is an alternate ending or domain for a Yahoo email address. Yahoo introduced the Ymail.com email address option in June 2008. The "Ymail" name stands for Yahoo Mail. More »

To create a Ymail account, visit the Yahoo website, click the envelope icon near the top-right corner of the screen, click Create Account, and input the required information as instructed by the text in each box, then cl... More »

The Yahoo Mail sign in page is located at the website login.yahoo.com. There are differences between countries for Yahoo's pages as well as differences between Yahoo's account pages and their mail sign-in pages. More »

There are four main parts of an email address, including the user name, the "@" symbol, the mail server and the top-level domain, according to St. Edward's University. Each email address identifies a unique individual on... More »

To set up an email on a mobile phone, an existing email account is required before accessing the email option in the applications settings and entering the domain information. Most servers are automatically located by th... More »

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As of 2014, you can sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account by using a computer and browser to access any Microsoft email domain. In 2013, Microsoft consolidated its email services under the Outlook brand, so all of... More »