A YAG procedure, or Nd:YAG posterior capsulotomy, is a type of corrective surgery sometimes needed to correct cloudiness of the lens covering, which is known as posterior capsule opacification, following cataract surgery... More »

The procedures for YAG laser surgery are non-invasive and involve using a YAG laser to disrupt the clouding of the natural lens in the eye capsule, says The Wright Eye Center. The energy from the laser beam creates a hol... More »

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YAG laser surgery is the use of a yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser to perform a surgery. This technique is used to operate on many parts of the body. However, it is commonly practiced in eye surgeries, explains MedicineNet.... More »

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YAG laser surgery, also known as Nd:YAG laser posterior capsulotomy, is performed to correct the clouding on a lens after cataract surgery, says WebMD. In some cases the clouded lens can lead to more vision loss experien... More »

In patients who have clouding of the lens capsule following cataract surgery, a very common option for correcting this problem is a procedure called Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy, notes WebMD.com. Clouding of the lens capsule... More »

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There are many problems that can be associated with cataract surgery including increased pain in the eye area, increased redness in the eye area, swelling, discharge, changes in the field of vision and overall decreased ... More »

People usually wear glasses following cataract surgery, but the strength and type of glasses depend on the type of lens implant the individual chooses, according to WebMD. In addition, most people who have cataracts alre... More »

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