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A European American awareness is still notable because ... The first large wave of European migration after the Revolutionary War came from Northern and Central-Western Europe between about 1820 and 1890. ... Prior to 1960, the overwhelming majority came from Europe or of European descent from Canada. The shift in European immigration has been ...


Western European Ethnicity. The Europe West region is a broad expanse stretching from Amsterdam's sea-level metropolis to the majestic peaks of the Alps. Geographically dominated by France in the west and Germany in the east, it includes several nations with distinct cultural identities.


The indigenous peoples of Europe are the focus of European ethnology, the field of anthropology related to the various indigenous groups that reside in the nations of Europe.According to the German monograph Minderheitenrechte in Europa co-edited by Pan and Pfeil (2002) there are 87 distinct peoples of Europe, of which 33 form the majority population in at least one sovereign state, while the ...


Our Western European DNA When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me how her family descended from Black Forest Quakers who fled to Ireland to escape religious persecution in Germany in the 1700s. Like all the best family stories there was a kernel of truth, as I would later learn about my Read More


Eastern European Ethnicity. The Europe East region stretches from the Baltic Sea in the north to the borders of Greece in the south. Throughout history, the region has stood at the crossroads—and often in the crosshairs—of Europe and Central Asia.


All the drama in the European Union right now has reignited talk about the cultural divide between people on the continent. Although all humans are over 99 percent identical genetically, even in the tight geographic confines of Europe there is enough genetic variation that 23andMe researchers can use it to determine from where in Europe a person came -- and whether they are more or less likely ...


The term Western Europe is also applicable to this region when discussing regional variations within the realm outside of Eastern Europe. Germany and France are the two dominant states, with Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg making up the Benelux countries.Switzerland and Austria border the Alpine region.


Best Answer: I am an American of European descent. I may be an American, but my family heritage originates from Europe. I may be an American, but my family heritage originates from Europe. Now tell me, are you of European descent?


People of the western world especially people of European descent credit Greece as the origin of western civilization. Yet those same people overlook the fact that the people of Greece never even came into contact with the rest of Europe; but mostly Asia and even Africa like the Egyptian and Ethiopians(Nubians).


Modern Europeans Descended from Three Groups of Ancestors. Summary. ... an HHMI investigator at Harvard Medical School. Those include hunter-gatherers from western Europe, the early farmers who brought agriculture to Europe from the Near East, and a newly identified group of ancient north Eurasians who arrived in Europe sometime after the ...