As of 2014, MCM is a social media slang term that means “man crush Monday” or “man candy Monday.” MCM is generally used in a light-hearted way by users posting pictures of males they find attractive. More » Technology Social Media

"MCM" is an acronym for man crush Monday. On Monday, across social media platforms, users post a photo of a man they have a crush on with the hashtag MCM. More » Technology Social Media

MCM is an abbreviation for “man crush Monday” on social networking sites. Males either post pictures of themselves or women post pictures of males with a hashtag followed by MCM on their accounts. More »

On social media websites such as Facebook, "WCW" stands for Women Crush Wednesday. It is used by people who post pictures of their favorite female crushes. More »

According to Facebook, "following" describes a social media relationship that determines the information that generates on a person's news feed. Following occurs when one becomes friends with another individual on Facebo... More »

"WCW" is an acronym for "woman crush Wednesday" and is a social media trend. Users post pictures of real or fictional women they admire or think are attractive. More »

Both MCM and kcmil mean 1,000 circular mils, which is a unit used to measure the area of the circular cross section of a wire. The terms MCM and kcmil are used interchangeably by the National Electric Code to describe wi... More »