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[/caption] The answer to ‘what is water made of’ is as easy as you want it to be. Do you want to just do some superficial research or do you want to look a little deeper? Superficially, pure ...


Water governance is the set of formal and informal processes through which decisions related to water management are made. Good water governance is primarily about knowing what processes work best in a particular physical and socioeconomic context.


Everything is made of atoms. An atom is the smallest particle of an element, like oxygen or hydrogen. Atoms join together to form molecules. A water molecule has three atoms: two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom. That's why water is sometimes referred to as H2O. A single drop of water contains billions of water molecules.


Every water molecule is made up of two units of the element hydrogen and one unit of the element oxygen! (That’s where we get the name H 2 O – the H 2 stands for “two hydrogen” and the O stands for “one oxygen”!) The H 2 O makeup of water is part of what makes water so special.


The oceans are full of water. Ocean water is not just pure H 2 O, though. Ocean water has many different chemicals in it, especially salt. The salt in sea water is a lot like the salt we sprinkle on food. Table salt is made up of the chemical sodium chloride (NaCl). The salt in ocean water is mostly ...


The first molecules of water formed out in space, about 14 billion years ago, as part of the nebula left over after an early star exploded in a supernova. There were a lot of hydrogen and oxygen atoms floating around in these nebulae, and when they stuck together that made water molecules. Because hydrogen and […]


What is Water made of? Everybody knows that water is a building block of life and without it, life would cease to exist. The first signs of life began in the water and it is water that still contains the world's most ancient life forms-single celled organisms.


Water is composed of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. H2O is the chemical formula for water. This means that every water molecule has two hydrogen atoms that are bonded to one oxygen atom.


Two hundred years later, Aristotle considered water to be one of four fundamental elements, in addition to earth, air, and fire. The belief that water was a fundamental substance persisted for more than 2,000 years until experiments in the second half of the 18th century showed that water is a compound made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen.