Different types of unguided media include transmissions for radio, satellite, wireless computer networks and cellphones. In general, unguided media describes every kind of wireless communication, because these transmissi... More »

Guided media are more commonly known as wired media, or those media in which electrical or optical signals are transmitted through a cables or wires. Unguided media are more commonly known as wireless media, in which ele... More »

Transmission media is the material pathway that connects computers, different kinds of devices and people on a network. It can be compared to a superhighway carrying lots of information. Transmission media uses cables or... More »

Different types of electronic media include radio, television and the Internet. Electronic media is media that requires an electronic device to receive. Electronic and print media are the two most common methods of commu... More »

Culture media are media used to grow bacteria. The appropriate culture media depends on the organism of interest to be grown and may include chemically defined, complex, reducing, selective, differential and enrichment m... More »

The five types of mass media are print, radio, regular broadcast television, cable television and telecommunications, such as the Internet or satellite services. Mass media is defined as a type of communication that uses... More »

As of April 2015, SafeLink's website does not reference specific cellphones available for its Lifeline program. Customers can choose from three free plans for phone calls and text messages, all of which vary by state. So... More »

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