The traditional style of Turkish clothing is mostly casual attire made with cotton and wool fabrics. Most of the clothing is functional and comfortable. Traditionally, men and women often wore similar clothing. Since men... More »

Although traditional Arabic clothing can vary, depending on the region, both men and women tend to wear long, loose robes called thawbs or thobes. They also usually cover their heads, both for religious reasons and to pr... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Because the Philippines is an archipelago of thousands of small islands that house a wide variety of different tribal cultures, there are many different styles of traditional Filipino dress for both men and women; two of... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Historical Dress

Boys and girls of the Victorian era wore loose comfortable clothing made of cotton, wool, serge or calico. Nautical and Scottish themes were popular with both sexes. More »

Natural materials for clothing include cotton, leather, wool, fur and fabrics made out of silk or flax. Synthetic materials include polyester, nylon, spandex, acetate and rayon. More »

Edwardian clothing features a style that was in fashion during the Edwardian era. The Edwardian era refers to the reign of King Edward VII in the United Kingdom. He reined from 1901 to 1910. Some historians believe this ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Historical Dress

The clothing of the 1970s placed an emphasis on individual style and expression. Clothing was bolder and more radical than in previous decades. There are three dominant styles of the 1970s: the continuation of the hippie... More »