The verb "illustrate" means to add pictures to a written work to clarify details written in the text or to explain an idea simply to aid understanding. More »

According to io9, The McGurk Effect illustrates how it is possible for the brain to hear the wrong sound if it is shown visual evidence that something else is being said. The effect is named after Harry McGurk from a pap... More »

One classic game to illustrate gravity involves repeating Galileo's experiment of dropping various objects and timing how long it takes for them to hit the ground. Another fun game requires building an inclined plane or ... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

A memorandum of understanding refers to an agreement between two or more parties on a specific topic and includes the terms or details of the agreement. In most cases, this is considered a legally binding document and re... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Some tips for drawing for children include to encourage them to learn more efficient drawing technique by simplifying those techniques and to use more personable language so that they can learn on an understanding level.... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

Draw a sailboat by sketching the sails and hull, drawing the seating area and adding the details. This project takes only a few minutes and requires a piece of paper and a pencil. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To draw Kevin, the bird from the Pixar movie "Up," start with the body, then add details and definition. Finish by drawing Kevin's wings and tail. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing