Tin is a metal commonly used as a protective coating for materials susceptible to weathering. It is also used in the creation of metal alloys such as bronze and pewter. More »

Tin is not a man-made, manufactured product but a naturally occurring metallic element. Like other chemical elements, such as gold or hydrogen, it is produced through natural processes. Because it is one of the most abun... More »

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Tin is an element that is made up of the mineral cassiterite and mined from the crust of the earth. The combination of cassiterite and carbon in a high heat setting forms the type of tin that is used in modern applicatio... More »

The difference between freezer paper and wax paper is that wax paper has a thin paraffin coating that freezer paper does not have. This coating makes wax paper useful for a variety of culinary applications involving liqu... More »

Some different types of vintage-style food containers include the metal compost bucket with vintage canning label and the Weck juice jar from World Market. Another vintage container from World Market is the stainless ste... More »

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Glass bottles and jars are the most common way to store maple syrup, although plastic and metal containers are also popular. Glass syrup bottles showcase the rich color of pure maple syrup, and these containers often fea... More »

While AGELESS brand oxygen absorbers are made from nontoxic materials, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America advises that they should not be eaten. The company states that the product is safe in the case of accidental ingestio... More »

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