A thermal power plant uses water to generate power. Fuel heats up the water to generate steam to create the electricity. More »

Solar thermal panels harness energy from the sun to energize homes and commercial buildings, according to Solar Systems USA. How Stuff Works mentions that geothermal energy is created by tapping into hot water or steam u... More »

According to E.Y.K. Lokupitiya and B.M.S. Batagoda in an article from the International Forestry and Environment Symposium, dendrothermal power is considered carbon neutral, is relatively cheap and provides suitable ener... More »

In a hydroelectric power plant, a large volume of water flows down a slope to turn a turbine, which turns a metal shaft in a generator, consequently producing electricity. A similar principle applies for geothermal power... More »

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Lester Allen Pelton was the first person to invent a hydroelectric engine, which utilized hydroelectric power. His invention was called the Pelton wheel and came about while Pelton was working to improve turbine water wh... More »

Nuclear power is generated via a process known as fission in nuclear power plants that are designed to convert the latent heat of radioactive decay into electrical power. The fuel for the reaction is any of a number of r... More »

A battery's power, or the electrical current that it can provide, is greatly reduced when the temperature drops. A typical car battery, for example, has about 50 percent of its starting power at 0 degrees Fahrenheit when... More »