The wealthiest religion in the world is the Roman Catholic Church. This religion is estimated to have more than a billion members around the world. This membership base has contributed vast tithes and tributes since the ... More »

At its peak in the mid-14th century, the Malian Empire was one of the largest and wealthiest of its era. Its largest city, Timbuktu, achieved international renown as a center of trade, culture and religion. More »

Some of the major agents of an individual's socialization process include family, school, mass media and religion. These institutions serve as lenses through which individuals learn to become social beings by internalizi... More »

Examples of moral beliefs include views on how to treat others, beliefs about sex, religion and personal behavior and strategies to respect and forgive individuals. A person's views on personal hygiene, etiquette and lan... More »

Refugees flee their home countries because they fear persecution based on their race, social group, religion, or political views. Additionally, some people leave their countries to escape civil war and natural disasters. More »

Ethnocentrism occurs when a specific culture judges all other cultures against their own values, such as in language, customs and religion. The feminist movement is an example of ethnocentrism. Proponents of the movement... More »

The term "plural society" refers to a society that is separated into various communities according to differences in language, ethnicity, race or religion. The expression was coined by the British academic and Fabian soc... More »