The positive square root of 900 is 30. Similarly, the negative square root of 900 is -30. The positive square root, 30, is also known as the principal square root of 900. More »

An area of 900 square feet is equivalent to 83.61 square meters, 100 square yards or 129,600 square inches. In the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, square footage is the unit of choice in describing area in ... More »

A square root is the result of "unsquaring" a number, or the reversal of the process of squaring. The root is, as its name implies, a squared number reduced to its most basic form. More » Math Algebra

The positive square root of 135 simplifies to 3 times the square root of 15, or 3 * sqrt(15). When using a calculator, the decimal value representing the square root of 135 is approximately 11.61895003862225. The negativ... More »

The positive square root of 99 is 9.95, and the negative square root is -9.95. The square root of 99 can also be re-written as 3 times the square root of 11. More »

The magnitude, or modulus, of a complex number in the form z = a + bi is the positive square root of the sum of the squares of a and b. In other words, |z| = sqrt(a^2 + b^2). More »

The cube root of 64 is 4. The cube root of a chosen number can be verified by multiplying a smaller number by itself three times in order to get the chosen number. More »