The square root of 28 is 5.29, rounded to two decimal places, as 28 is not a perfect square. The square root of a perfect square is a whole number and not a decimal or fraction. The square root of 25 is 5, as 25 is a per... More » Math Exponents

A square root is the result of "unsquaring" a number, or the reversal of the process of squaring. The root is, as its name implies, a squared number reduced to its most basic form. More » Math Algebra

A square with an area of 49 square inches has a perimeter of 28 inches. According to, the formula for the area of a square is length times width. Since a square has equal sides, the equivalent formula is a side... More »

The square root of 130 is 11.40, rounded to two decimal places. To find the square root using the Google search engine, simply type "sqrt(130)" into the Google search box. More »

The square root of 12 is 3.46, rounded to two decimal places. The square root is written as 2 times the square root of 3, in its simplest form. The function may be performed on most calculators by hitting the square root... More »

Find the square root by finding the number that, when multiplied by itself, gives you the root number. For root numbers that are not perfect squares, there is a separate process to finding the square root. More » Math Exponents

To calculate the square root of any number, estimate by using the closest perfect square, and divide the number for which you want the square root by the root of that perfect square. Average the result with that perfect ... More » Math Exponents