A supervisor's role generally encompasses monitoring and influencing the workplace flow as well as managing employees. Of course, the duties of a supervisor can and do vary depending on the industry and which roles are n... More »

A supervisor's role varies by industry, organization and management level. Most supervisors have primary responsibilities of leading and motivating the task performance of subordinates. A supervisor receives directives f... More »

A sales supervisor oversees and directs the work of a company’s sales staff. Sales supervisors are employed by retailers, by direct-sales and telemarketing companies and by wholesalers and manufacturers. More »

The organizational structure of the housekeeping department will vary depending on the number of employees, but usually begins with the executive housekeeper, then the assistant housekeeper, a floor supervisor and a room... More »

Creating goals for a business ensures a focus on profitability, motivates employees and sets a basis for monitoring and evaluation. Goals are also important for employees' performance evaluations. More »

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Disadvantages of workplace diversity include mandatory training, hindrance of a hiring manager's ability to hire qualified employees, negative impact on workplace relationships and having to make various changes in order... More »

Good communication skills allow managers to establish rapport with employees, convey goals and expectations effectively and diffuse stressful workplace scenarios. Communication includes not only speaking to employees, bu... More »