Recursive formulas have two parts: the first element and a formula relating the value of one element to the next. For example, in the sequence "1, 3, 5, 7, 9, ..." the first element is 1; the formula is the current eleme... More » Math Algebra

The recursive formula for Sierpinski triangle is An=An-1*3. The procedure of constructing the triangle with this formula is called recursion. Alternatively, the Sierpinski triangle can be created using the explicit formu... More »

A recursive sequence is an ordered set of numbers where the first items are called starting values and all other terms can be computed recursively from the starting values. Recursion means to apply a formula repeatedly t... More » Math Arithmetic

In math, chemistry and physics, solving for indicated variables in different formulas involves having to manipulate the formula equation until it is in the desired form. An example of this is the area formula for a trian... More »

Formulas and functions are both important tools when creating an Excel spreadsheet; while users type formulas right into the bar at the top of the spreadsheet, formulas come built within the application itself, so it act... More »

An algebra formula sheet is used to remind you of common algebraic formulas, such as the point-slope form of a line, while you are working through math problems. The best way to use a formula sheet is to write as clearly... More » Math Algebra

A formula equation is a visual representation of a reaction using chemical formulas. A chemical formula is an expression that states the number and types of atoms that make up any given molecule using the symbols for the... More »