To find your purpose in life, move towards your goals, listen to your heart and live in the present moment. This will help you discover and embrace what you want and get rid of the things that make you unhappy. More » World View Philosophy

In science, the purpose of testing is to see if hypotheses and theories are applicable to real-world principles. In many cases, these theories come from the extrapolation of abstract principles, which means that they may... More » Science

Photography is part of the evolution of the human desire to capture and express life; since the earliest days of artistic expression and documentation in the form of cave paintings, humans have been attempting to capture... More »

A mission describes a group or individual’s intentions or what they strive to accomplish, while a vision describes larger goals that are anticipated to come into fruition from their efforts. These two words are commonly ... More »

The four goals of Progressivism are to protect social welfare, encourage productiveness, uphold moral values, and generate economic reform. The Progressive movement intended to accomplish these goals by eliminating diffe... More »

Highly effective people have goals for themselves, create systems that help them achieve their goals and frame their decisions in light of these goals. Additionally, highly effective people are confident, assume control ... More » World View Philosophy

The purpose of an experiment is to test a hypothesis and draw a conclusion. When a scientist has a question about the world or a fact that they wish to prove, they experiment. More »