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People have many different opinions about the purpose of education. Jonathan Cohen, the cofounder of the National School Climate Center, believes that the purpose of education is to help children develop skills and knowledge that allow them to be responsible members of ...


In the world of technology, PDF stands for portable document format. The purpose of this format is to ensure document presentation that is independent of hardware, operating systems or application software.


Researchers conduct educational research in order to come up with new findings that help educators become better informed about teaching practices, learning, motivation, classroom management and human development, as these can help teachers more effectively educate thei...


The main purpose of health education is to offer people and local communities the information, resources and solutions they need to make healthier lifestyle decisions. Health education is meant to educate people on the importance of maintaining positive physical and env...


Portable Document Format is a file format created by Adobe that preserves formatting integrity across all platforms and may contain text, audio, video, links and form fields. The PDF file format is recognized and maintained by the International Organization for Standard...


PDF refers to portable document format, which is a type of electronic document file developed by Adobe Systems. The primary purpose of PDF is to enable sharing of electronic documents in a style that resembles printed documents.


To print a file to PDF, download and install a virtual PDF printer. This PDF printer is necessary if the program that you are using does not give you the menu option to export or save the file you are currently working on to PDF.