The colors that never result from combining two other colors are the primary colors of pigment, while the colors that produce white light when combined are the primary colors of light. Each of these categories includes t... More »

The primary colors are blue, red and yellow. Primary colors are the colors that can be combined to make any of the other colors. More » Science Colors

Which colors are considered primary depends on whether the method being used is additive or subtractive. Additive primary colors are red, blue and green. Subtractive primary colors are magenta, cyan and yellow. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Painting

Color charts, or color wheels, are diagrams of colors placed in the order they are found in rainbows or when white light is filtered through a prism. Color charts can contain primary, secondary or tertiary colors, based ... More »

Yellow cannot be made by mixing two other colors, because it is a primary color. In addition to yellow, red and blue are the two other primary colors. More » Science Colors

Blue is one of the primary colors, so it cannot be created by mixing two other colors. Red and yellow are the other two primary colors. More »

The three primary colors of pigment are cyan, magenta and yellow. Primary colors cannot be produced by mixing other colors together. This makes them fundamental to color blending. More »