The communion scriptures of the Holy Bible are found in Matthew 26, Mark 14 and Luke 22. The United Church of God explains that Jesus celebrated the feast of Passover with his disciples during the Last Supper, or the Lor... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Major U.S. holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day and Passover. Other holidays are Lincoln’s birthday, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays

The date of Easter changes yearly because it is a movable feast that the Christian church calculates to be on the first Sunday after the full moon, known as the Paschal full moon, following the vernal equinox. The equino... More »

To prepare for a candlelight communion service, select scriptures that relate to the sacrament of communion from the Bible, choose songs and hymns for the congregation to sing that focus on the bread of life, organize vo... More »

Firs Communion, or First Holy Communion, is the Catholic ceremony when a young child receives the first reception of Eucharist. First Communion is typically a family event where a vast number of family members are invite... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Communion gifts are items or mementos offered to a person who has participated in the sacrament of First Communion, which is a church ceremony initiating the participants into the communion portion of the Catholic Mass o... More »

A funeral home template usually contains a place for a photo, the person's birth and death date, and a favorite scripture or poem. It may also include information about a reception or burial after the funeral. Most funer... More » Holidays & Celebrations