The oldest living thing on Earth is Pando, a grove of quaking aspens located in Utah's Fishlake National Forest. Scientists estimate that Pando is 80,000 years old as of 2014. More » Science Biology

The oldest living actor is Lupita Tovar, aged 105 years, as of November 2015. Others include Connie Sawyer, who is 102 years old, as well as Mary Carlisle and Gisele Casadesus, who are both 101 years old. More » Art & Literature

According to the Great Dane Club of America, in 2006, the oldest Great Dane was 15 years old. Unverified reports claim that there are Great Danes who have lived as long as 17 years. More »

A nonliving thing is a body or object that is inanimate or dead. It is anything that lacks or stops displaying the characteristics of life. One of the most significant characteristics and differences of a nonliving to a ... More »

According to, biofuels are usable in cars and trucks without altering the vehicles, which is a good thing, and they are cleaner than fossil fuels. Biofuels are renewable energy sources potentially capable of re... More » Science Biology

A nonliving thing is no longer living or has never had the traits of life including respiration, reproduction, movement, metabolism, sensitivity and growth. Nonliving things do not require energy to continue existing in ... More »

While there are many theories as to how life began on Earth, no theory has been accepted as truth, according to NBC News. Biologist Diana Northup from the University of New Mexico says this is because it's hard to prove ... More »