Very few animals live in the midnight zone. A vampire squid is one animal that lives in the middle of the ocean within this zone. Animals that do live in the midnight zone must survive extremely cold temperatures. The mi... More »

The Frigid Zones are the areas north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. They are the coldest places on Earth and have extreme weather conditions. More »

Anglerfish are deep-sea fish that live in water depths of 9,842.5 feet, which is considered the lower limit of the bathypelagic zone of the ocean. Because of its depth and lack of sunlight penetration, the bathypelagic z... More »

Some temperate zone animals include deer, bears, wolves, small mammals, raptors and songbirds. Temperate zone animals have an array of adaptations for surviving the cold winters of their habitat. More »

Some animals that live in the bathyal zone are vampire squid, bristlemouth fish, angler fish, slimestar, brittlestar, snake dragonfish and amphipods. Occasionally, sperm whales can go to this ocean depth chasing after pr... More »

Most familiar forms of sea life occupy the neritic zone, including crabs, shrimp and zooplankton, and the animals that feed upon them, such as coral, sponges and baleen whales. The neritic zone is the relatively shallow ... More »

Animals calling the Abyssal zone home include octopi, fish like the black swallower, tripod and deep-sea angler fish, along with the giant squid, bacteria and several varieties of luminescent crustaceans. The Abyssal zon... More » Science Biology Zoology