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A primary meaning of "free" is "not under the control of others." Someone with choices and liberty is free, whereas someone in slavery isn't. A nation or territory is also defined as free when it operates independently from the control of another nation or government.


A natural number is the sort of number that is commonly used for counting or basic arithmetic. They are positive whole numbers, such as one, two or three, and are used to denote quantities in everyday life.


Solids are defined as substances that retain their shape, even when they are not confined. Substances usually assume the solid state of being at lower temperatures than they do when they are liquids, gases or plasmas.


A developed country is one that has achieved a certain level of industrialization and economic performance. Definitions and specific standards vary, but a developed country normally has a stable economy, growing gross domestic product and reasonable per capita income.


The mean absolute deviation of a number set is the average distance between each value and the mean. This is obtained by finding the mean of the set, determining the absolute value difference between each number, and the mean and calculating the average of these differe...


Economic rights are part of a range of legal principles based on the philosophy of human cultural and social obligations in which economic equality and freedom are preserved. Economic and social rights are granted to Americans fulfilled by the government in an effort to...


A "chirotype" is a biological specimen, such as an animal, plant or fungus, that is used preliminarily in an unpublished scientific work as an example of the general kind of organism it is. Once the document describing the organism is published, the chirotype becomes a ...