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The torso or trunk is an anatomical term for the central part or core of many animal bodies (including humans) from which extend the neck and limbs. The torso includes: the thoracic segment of the trunk, the abdominal segment of the trunk, and the perineum.


The lower torso holds the large intestine, small intestine, stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen and appendix. Additionally, male vertebrates hold their testis inside the lower torso, while female vertebrates carry their ovaries and uterus inside the lower torso. Sometimes, the lower torso is called the abdomen.


what is the upper torso and lower torso? from where on the body is the lower torso, and from where on the body to where is the upper torso? thanks! :) i need to measure my lower and upper torso seperately for a project. Source(s): upper torso torso: https://biturl.im/exZJY . Anonymous · 4 years ago . 0. Thumbs up. 0.


The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide. Main menu. Map; Muscles; Symptoms; Info; Lower Torso


Causes of Pain in the Right Side ... By dividing this area of the body into four sections, it is easier for doctors to identify the location of pain and to locate other potential issues in the abdominal area. Each area has a set of organs and functions that are particular towards it. ... The quadrants are divided into upper and lower sections ...


The digestive organs of the lower torso include lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which consists of the small intestine, large intestine, and anus. Several accessory organs, such as the liver and pancreas, assist the lower GI tract with the digestion of food to release many essential nutrients.


The abdomen (commonly called the belly) is the body space between the thorax (chest) and pelvis. The diaphragm forms the upper surface of the abdomen. At the level of the pelvic bones, the abdomen ...


Your legs are two of your most important body parts. They allow you to move and provide support for your upper body. We’ll break down the anatomy and function of the upper leg, knee, lower leg ...


If you're looking for a lower body workout that is backed by evidence, then you need to read this article. Each lower body exercise is specifically chosen based on scientific literature and our understanding of the lower body anatomy - resulting in symmetrical and optimal development of all the lower body muscles.


Get to know the different possible causes of lower left abdominal pain to know what you can do in order to stop the pain. 26 Causes of Lower Left Abdominal Pain in Men and Women. 1.Diverticulitis. This is known to be the most common cause of lower left abdominal pain. Diverticula or small pouches may start to appear on the colon.