Neon is combined with helium to manufacture helium-neon lasers, and it is used to produce high voltage indicators and advertising signs. Neon can also be combined with argon to make neon lamps that are used in direct cur... More »

As one of the six noble gases, neon is very inert and nonflammable. In can be made to form a compound with fluorine under certain lab conditions, but otherwise it typically does not react with other elements. More »

The element neon is found in the atmosphere and outer space. Neon is a gas, and while it is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, it is a rare gas in the atmosphere. Neon represents only 18 parts per million ... More »

Neon is 0.9 grams per liter making it the 113th most dense element out of 118. It is about two-thirds the density of air. Neon is a colorless, odorless, inert, monatomic gas that is part of the noble gases. More »

The element that has the highest first ionization energy is helium. The first ionization energy represents the amount of energy needed to make an atom into a positive ion, which is called a cation. More »

The element einsteinium only has uses in scientific research. Einsteinium is a man-made metal substance that is radioactive. On the periodic table, this element is a member of the actinide group. More »

Neon is obtained when liquid air is distilled. This is the only known way to obtain neon commercially. It was discovered with other noble gases, xenon and krypton, in 1898 when two British chemists liquefied then boiled ... More »