The BIOS is part of the motherboard's hardware and is independent of any operating system; therefore, instructions for entering the BIOS setup utility tends to vary. It is often either a function key like F2, the Esc ke... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To update the basic input/output system of an Asus computer, download and install Winflash on the computer. Navigate to the Asus website, enter the model number of the computer in the Search text box at the upper-right c... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

You may enter BIOS by quickly pressing a key when the computer is first turned on. This must be done within a specific time frame. The required key varies depending on the computer so you must either refer to the manual ... More »

Reset the basic input output system password using several methods including changing the position of the motherboard jumper, removing the complementary metal oxide semiconductor battery or installing a BIOS password sof... More »

The BIOS can be reset by accessing the BIOS setup during the boot process and reverting its values to its default state. The BIOS setup can be accessed by pressing the right keys during the boot process. The key to enter... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Also known as a BIOS setup utility, a CMOS setup utility is software that edits settings for hardware in a computer's BIOS. In earlier models, users had to alter settings each time they added a new drive, but the additio... More »

Access the BIOS settings on an eMachine using either the Tab, Del or F2 keys depending on your particular computer. Use one of these keys during the boot process, before you see the Windows log-in screen, or else you hav... More »