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An athletic trainer focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of muscle and bone injuries and illnesses. These trainers work in a myriad of locations including colleges, universities, doctors' offices and sports... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

"Athletics" typically refers to athletic sports, including sports such as boxing, rowing or running. points out that in the United Kingdom, "athletics" refers specifically to track-and-field events. More »

Without DNA, life would not be able to perpetuate itself. DNA is needed as it is the blueprint of life. Every species of plants and animals contains a genetic substance called DNA that passes on the physical characterist... More »

Mitochondrial DNA is DNA that is present inside the mitochondria of a cell. Mitochondrial DNA is not part of the DNA found in cellular chromosomes. More »

The subunit of DNA is called a nucleotide. A nucleotide is the basic subunit in a nucleic acid and consists of a pentose sugar, a phosphate and a heterocyclic amine. More »

When DNA is denatured, the hydrogen bonds that hold the double helix together break apart, separating the DNA molecule into two single strands. Denaturation occurs as the temperature increases, according to Ian VanLare, ... More »