Animals calling the Abyssal zone home include octopi, fish like the black swallower, tripod and deep-sea angler fish, along with the giant squid, bacteria and several varieties of luminescent crustaceans. The Abyssal zon... More » Science Biology Zoology

Octopus, fish, echinoids, worms, squid and mollusks live in the abyssal zone, which begins at about 13,000 feet below sea level. Most of the organisms there have small bones, soft bodies, big mouths and long teeth. Few a... More »

No plants grow in the abyssal zone because it is too deep for sunlight to penetrate, and sunlight is necessary for plants to grow. Some organisms do live in this zone and survive through the use of chemosynthesis, which ... More »

The abyssal zone is home to a number of animals such as the deep-sea anglerfish, the black swallower and the giant squid. Generally, larger creatures that are able to withstand the pressure of the ocean's depths live in ... More »

Some animals that live in the bathyal zone are vampire squid, bristlemouth fish, angler fish, slimestar, brittlestar, snake dragonfish and amphipods. Occasionally, sperm whales can go to this ocean depth chasing after pr... More »

The twilight zone, also called the mesopelagic zone, is home to many species of squid and octopus, as well as some bioluminescent fish, including the hatchet fish. Some jellyfish-like animals called ctenophores and sipho... More »

Some temperate zone animals include deer, bears, wolves, small mammals, raptors and songbirds. Temperate zone animals have an array of adaptations for surviving the cold winters of their habitat. More »