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Fabric Manipulation Techniques Smocking This method of fabric manipulation uses stitching to gather fabric, creating areas of tension and release in a sculptural effect.


What better way than sewing and embroidery and different easy to do fabric manipulation and other techniques to make the pretty textures on fabric – it is beautiful, economical and ticks all my creative boxes.


Textile design is the process of planning and producing a fabric's appearance and structure. Textile designers dream up designs that are woven or knitted into cloth or printed on fabric.


From the daring to the demure, fabric manipulation techniques make garments into one of a kind pieces of art. Whether you lean toward the avant garde masterpieces shown by Comme des Garçon or the delicate confections that are Marchesa’s signature, learning fabric manipulation techniques is one way to make your garments stand apart from the rest.


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My book Fabric Manipulation is now available in paperback. I have a handful of signed copies on my online shop for £15.99. They are of course also available from online retailers but if you buy direct from the writer then the profit comes to me rather than the global online retailer, and helps support my work.


Fabric manipulation is when you simply create shapes patterns out of fabric, this often makes the fabric more 3D like, not flat.


Textile design is the creative and technical process by which thread or yarn fibers are woven together or interlaced to form a flexible, functional, and decorative cloth or fabric which is subsequently printed upon or otherwise adorned. Textile design is further broken down into three major disciplines, printed textile design, woven textile design, and mixed media textile design, each of which ...


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Textile Surface Manipulation is about developing a diverse variety of textile surface design techniques from personal visual inspiration sources, and applying them to your projects. The techniques covered are an assortment of traditional and unconventional methods, from smocking to soldering, and the end products might range from fashion to interiors to textile art.The book encourages the full ...