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Sundry income is income generated from sources other than a company's normal income-generating business operations. This includes any income not generated by the sale of the company's products and ...


sundry income: Income from a source that cannon be accurately predicted, or income from revenue streams outside of a firm's primary line of business. Sales of a firm's assets, royalty income, and capital gains from a firm's investments could all be considered sundry income.


A company's income that comes from sources other than its operations or investments.Common examples of sundry income include royalties and income from foreign exchange.Sundry income is outside the control of the company. It is also called miscellaneous income.


Explanation of Sundry Income. In income statement, sundry income is shown under the head of income from operations. Examples of sundry income are late fee, profit on sales of minor assets, foreign exchange gains etc. Sundry income is likely to be less anticipated in nature than revenue from a business’s primary operations.


Definition of SUNDRY INCOME: Income from man unpredictable source or from revenue outside a company's primary business. The Law Dictionary Featuring Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.


Sundry definition, various or diverse: sundry persons. See more.


Key Difference – Sundry Debtors vs Sundry Creditors The term ‘sundry’ is used to describe an income/expense that is relatively small or occur infrequently and therefore not assigned to specific ledger accounts.


In accounting and bookkeeping, sundry expenses are expenses that are small in amount and do not occur often. By definition, sundry expenses do not include regular payments of any kind or those that would be defined as capital expenses, such as tho...


Treatment in Financial Statements. Sundry expenses are shown on the expenses side (left) of a profit and loss account (Income statement).Size, industry practice & nature of an expense plays an important role to determine whether it should be included in sundries or be given a separate ledger account.


Sundry Income Invoices and how to pay them. Pay your Sundry Income Invoice What is a Sundry Income Invoice for? You will be sent a Sundry Income Invoice for any chargeable service the Council delivers to you.