A soil boring test are conducted for different reasons, including to determine good drilling locations and depths for wells and basements. The soil boring tests are performed by excavating soil from an area. More »

Eliminate wood-boring beetles living indoors by freezing infested items, applying an insecticide to infested areas or fumigating the home. Eliminate outdoor beetles with nematodes and soapy water. More »

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To plant a fruit tree, determine the best time for planting, select a sunny location, dig a large hole, and plant the tree. Backfill the hole with soil, water well and protect the tree as it grows. More »

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According to the BBC, there are six major types of soil: clay soil, sandy soil, silty soil, peaty soil, chalky soil and loamy soil. Knowing which type of soil is being used helps a person decide what to plant and how to ... More »

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The frost line is the maximum depth at which soil is frozen, or the lower limit of permafrost. The depth of the frost depends on the local climate, the heat transfer properties of the soil, and the adjacent materials and... More »

The white material in commercial potting soil is perlite or vermiculite, substances that retain water and add texture to the soil to keep it from becoming compacted. Most commercial potting soil mixtures are made up of a... More »

Depending on its buffering capacity, soil may be affected by acid rain by having its pH level increased. The result of a high pH soil is the exhaustion of nutrients and minerals in the soil, including the release of harm... More »