Sodium hydroxide is used in drain and oven cleaners, chemical manufacturing, oil refining, hydraulic fracturing, water treatment and metal processing. It is also commonly used in the manufacture of fabric, plastic wrap, ... More »

The chemical equation for the neutralization of sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide can be written as H2SO4 + 2NaOH — 2H2O + 2NaSO4. The equation shows that sulfuric acid has an equivalent value of 2, which means that one... More »

The chemical formula for sodium hydroxide is NaOH. Na is the symbol for sodium and OH is the chemical formula for hydroxide, which is made up of one atom of oxygen, represented by O, and one atom of hydrogen, represented... More »

Electrolysis has a wide range of applications including production of hydrogen, manufacture of heavy water and synthesis of compounds such as potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. It is also used to obtain such metal... More »

As of 2015, purchase sodium hydroxide (lye) online from Sodium hydroxide is frequently available at craft stores as an ingredient in soap making. Sodium hydroxide is sometimes available in stores in the forms... More » Science Chemistry

Sodium aluminum phosphate, or SAIP, is a group of inorganic compounds that are formed from aluminum phosphates and sodium salts. It is mostly found in food products. These compounds can be either acid or basic, depending... More »

According to the Shout Slogans website, a catchy slogan for sodium is "Sodium, unlike Na-thing else." This is a good slogan because it references sodium's molecular formula, Na. Another slogan to consider is "Sodium, it'... More »