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Shareware is often offered as a download from a website or on a compact disc included with a magazine. Shareware differs from freeware, which is software distributed at no cost to the user but without source code being made available; and open-source software, in which the source code is freely available for anyone to inspect and alter.


Shareware is software that’s available at no cost and is meant to be shared with others to promote the program, but unlike freeware, is limited in one way or another.


Shareware is software that is distributed free on a trial basis with the understanding that the user may need or want to pay for it later. Some software developers offer a shareware version of their program with a built-in expiration date (after 30 days, the user can no longer get access to the program).


Shareware is commercial software that is distributed free to users, eventually either requiring or encouraging users to pay for the continued support of the software. You might see shareware in formats that paywall advanced features or offer the full package for a limited time.


Software distributed on the basis of an honor system. Most shareware is delivered free of charge, but the author usually requests that you pay a small fee if you like the program and use it regularly. By sending the small fee, you become registered with the producer so that you can receive service assistance and updates.


Computing Software that is available free of charge and often distributed informally for evaluation, after which a fee may be requested for continued use.


Shareware was a widely-used software distribution model in the 1990s, especially in the world of computer games. Notably, it was used by game publishers (e.g., Apogee Softwareand Epic Megagames) to make it easier for users to get games on their computer. It also helped users share the demos with one another, increasing awareness of the game.


Shareware is a type of software that is distributed free of charge to prospective customers in a limited format. A full software version is distributed for a trial period (usually 30 days), or a trial version is distributed with disabled features.


Shareware software is a software that are freely distributed to users on trial basis. There is a time limit inbuilt in the software (for example- free for 30 days or 2 months). As the time limit gets over, it will be deactivated. To use it after time limit, you have to pay for the software.


A shareware is a software program that can be used or downloaded from the internet free of cost but only for the trial period. After the trail period ends, the user has to uninstall the program because of End user License Agreement (EULA) or purchase the program in order to use it after the trial period ends.