Roku does not charge a monthly fee. Roku offers hundreds of free channels, and it can stream channels from an existing cable subscription depending on the cable provider. More »

A Video on Demand, or VOD, device enables people to watch satellite TV without paying a monthly fee. VOD gadgets allow users to watch video content or listen to audio broadcasts. The use of a Subscription Video on Demand... More » Technology Television & Video

YMCA monthly membership fees range from approximately $5 to $75 vary by location, age, household income, and number of members on a plan. Some, like the YMCA of Chesapeake, provide a rate calculator on their website. Oth... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

To connect a Roku to a TV, connect an audio/video cable to the output on the device and the corresponding input on the TV. To set up the device, connect it to the Internet, turn it on and follow the setup prompts. More »

There are a number of local TV stations have their own channel available in the Roku channel store, while other stations are available through the private channel, NowhereTV. The website keeps an unofficial... More » Art & Literature

You can activate a Roku through Vevo by logging into your Vevo account online, visiting and inputting the code provided by your Roku. Your Vevo access code is displayed on your Roku once you have opened the... More » Art & Literature

Some places to find codes for a Roku include The Nowhere Man and The Streaming Advisor. also offers a variety of codes for Roku channels. More » Art & Literature