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Facebook as a Business. Facebook is a business that has a purpose of creating revenue, enriching investors and providing jobs. Because it does not charge users for having Facebook pages, it needs to generate revenue from other sources. Facebook produces most of its revenue from advertising, including ads for both large and small advertisers.


The stated purpose of Facebook. The official stated purpose of Facebook is to make the world more open and connected. Facebook’s latest mission statement is that people use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, discover what’s going on in the world and share and express what matters to them.


On the surface, it can seem like businesses do not have a place in the purely social realm of Facebook. It's precisely that social aspect, however, that makes Facebook a great place for businesses to establish a presence. Facebook business pages and, to a lesser extent, Facebook groups are valuable business tools.


Hello, As a person who has worked at facebook, I would tell you that facebook is a platform which helps people connect with each other and blah and blah and blah. As a user of facebook, I would say “User discretion is advised”. Facebook is a wonde...


Facebook is primarily a broadcast site, so your focus will be in building and nurturing a community and promoting content to your community so they will eventually make it to your website or blog. The purpose of Facebook marketing for Small Business. Build awareness about your brand in the community.


Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites, with the runner up being MySpace.It began as a college networking website and has expanded to include anyone and everyone.


Pages. Businesses, organizations and public figures can connect with their customers or fans on Facebook by creating a Facebook Page. Anyone with a Facebook account can create a Page or help manage one, as long as they have a role on the Page. People who like a Page can get updates about the Page, such as posts, photos or videos, in their News ...


From Mark Zukerberg: Facebook was not originally created to be a company.It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected. We think it’s important that everyone who invests in Facebook understands what this mission means to us, how we make decisions and why we do the things we do. I will try to outline our approach in this letter.


The Facebook Page celebrates how our friends inspire us, support us, and help us discover the world when we connect. General Information Your ideas and suggestions help us to constantly improve Facebook’s features.


On stage on Thursday at Facebook’s first Community Summit, a gathering in Chicago of leaders from 120 different Facebook Groups, Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s updated purpose: “Give people ...