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The pubic tubercle is a prominent forward-projecting tubercle on the upper border of the medial portion of the superior ramus of the pubis.The inguinal ligament attaches to it. The pubic spine is a rough ridge that extends from the pubic tubercle to the upper border of the pubic symphysis. References. This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 236 of the 20th edition of Gray ...


The pubic symphysis (or Latin: symphysis pubis) a cartilaginous joint that sits between and joins left and right the superior rami of the pubic bones. It is located in front of and below the urinary bladder. In males, the suspensory ligament of the penis attaches to the pubic symphysis.


Another study used the distance from the pubic tubercle to the femoral medial epicondyle as a longitudinal reference line and the distance from the pubic tubercle to the greater trochanter of the femur as a horizontal reference line, but the obtained distances were based on straight lines and did not localize the NEP on the surface of the skin ...

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Medical definition of pubic tubercle: a rounded eminence on the upper margin of each pubis near the pubic symphysis.


On physical examination, compression over the symphysis pubis, sacroiliac joints, and pubic tubercles produces pelvic instability, excessive pelvic mobility, and low back pain that radiates to the buttocks.


Palpation of the pubic tuberosity and pubic symphysis from the anterior aspect of the pelvis region.


Located at the center front of the pubic bone, the pubic symphysis is a cartilaginous joint that holds together the left and right halves of the front portion of the pelvis.On either side of this joint are the left and right superior pubic ramus, the inferior pubic ramus and the obturator foramen.


Boundaries of pubic area are at top - pubic groove and near hips – hip grooves. Structure of pubic tubercle includes both soft tissue bone and cartilage. Inside the lower part of body, under pubic area there are two pubic bones, joint or symphysis, they are connected by disk composed of cartilage.


Normally, pubic symphysis joint can move two millimeters with a one degree rotation, but this flexibility changes and increases during birth. When there is an inflammation (non-infectious swelling) of the pubic symphysis, it may be termed as pubic symphysitis or Osteitis pubis. Sometimes, tissue damage is witnessed in patients with Osteitis pubis.


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