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Property rights of an owner of proprietary information that may be protected under law. In contracting, this term refers to the data belonging to the contractor, and may include financial information, intellectual property (concepts, designs, techniques), technical documentation, artwork, and the like.


What is PROPRIETARY RIGHTS? These are the rights that the owner of any proprietary information has. These rights are protected under various laws. In contracting situations it means all of the information the contractor uses such as technical information, finacial documentation or artworks.


Proprietary rights to a business are all of the rights which go with business ownership, including the right to protect the name of the business and the brand. Likewise, people can have proprietary rights to real estate which they own, whether it is vacant, occupied by a home, or being used for another purpose.


Proprietary refers to ownership or characteristics relating to ownership. It describes all the rights that the owner of property can exercise. Proprietary articles are items that are manufactured and marketed under an exclusive right.


A proprietary process is a manufacturing process that others are forbidden to use, and a proprietary trademark is a name that only the owner can use. Legal rights of this kind are ensured by copyrights and patents.


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Proprietary Rights: Everything You Need to Know. Proprietary rights, also known as property rights, are the theoretical or legal rights that an entity has to own property, whether tangible or intangible. 10 min read


Legal definition for PROPRIETARY RIGHTS: Rights that belong to the owner of a business. In intellectual property it refers to ownership of rights that are a result of owning an object, a patented process, property


proprietary definition: The definition of proprietary is something owned or a brand or item protected by intellectual property rights. (adjective) An example of something that would be described as proprietary is the ownership interest you have in your p...


Property and Proprietary Rights. The meaning of ‘property’ varies according to its function in a particular context, and so we might conclude that it simply has no general meaning. 1. Property is a socially constructed concept; ...