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Some examples of nursing school essays are available at AdmissionsEssays.com. Tips on writing an essay for nursing school are provided at Northeastern University's site OnlineNursing.NEU.edu.


Write an essay on why you should become a nurse by telling a story about how you fell in love with nursing, explaining your preparation for the nursing field, striking an appropriate tone and proofreading your essay carefully for any writing errors. The more unique and ...


Nursing professional development is defined as a specialty-based activity that is based on current health care technologies and the nursing sciences. Nursing professional development specialists are also called clinical nurse educators.


The essay that accompanies a nurse application should be well-thought out and demonstrate a clear ability to handle a challenging program. The review committee uses these essays to determine how well applicants can handle the demands of school.


Individuals writing a nursing program admissions essay should focus on their interest in a nursing career, experience related to the medical field and ability to succeed in college-level courses. An admissions essay should provide specific examples of relevant academic ...


A personal essay for admission into nursing school should be planned by deciding the best choice for the angle of the essay, planning what is going to be said in the essay, creating a rough draft and editing until the essay makes sense. Nurses can do this by coming up w...


In general, a nurse is someone who protects, promotes and optimizes the health and abilities of others. Nurses can work to prevent illness or injury, alleviate suffering through diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and advise on care for individuals, families and communi...