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Leather is an iconic sign of luxury and superior class, but not all can afford that luxury. Leather was criticized as a result of using chemicals in its tanning procedure and air pollution caused during dehairing and delimbing. And was born PU lea...


Bicast leather (also spelled as bi-cast leather or bycast leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with an embossed layer of polyurethane (hence the material also being known as PU leather) or vinyl. Bicast leather was originally made for the apparel industry for glossy shoes, and was later adopted by the furniture industry.


Leather vs Polyurethane comparison. Some polyurethane foams are used as artificial or faux leather (PU leather) for shoes, upholstery in sofas, and iPad smart covers. Leather is tanned animal hide and is more expensive than polyurethane. However, polyurethane is not biodegradable and takes s...


Learn the Difference between Bonded Leather vs Genuine Leather at World Of Leathers to help you to decide which is the right Leather for you.


PU leather is made from polyurethane and leather. It is a high-density cellular plastic sheeting commonly used as a substitute for real leather. It might also be referred to as bi-cast or split leather, among other terms.


At OfficeChairs.com, we use the term faux leather when the material is PU. Pictured below is one of our faux leather chairs, the Kingston Faux Leather Executive Chair: We hope this helps you better understand the differences between real, bonded and faux leather to help you make your next leather chair or sofa purchase.


Pu leather is not questionable When we talking about pu leather,for my stand of the view(I am the sales manager of a pu leather factory),here is some issues I may want to discuss with you. 1st,Synthetic leather can be non-toxic.Nowadays our products have passed REACH standards,so it will not hurt people's health.


PU Leather.Premium PU leather with a protective coating that is soft to the touch, water resistant, and durable. Cleaning tip: Wipe clean. Product features: Special stitching technique enables side airbag deployment - officially tested! Concealed velcro opening and adjustable straps make installation, removal, and reattachment a breeze


Leather vs Leatherette comparison. Leatherette, a form of artificial leather, is much cheaper compared to leather and, unlike leather, does not fade when exposed to sunlight over an extended period. Real leather is softer and more durable than leatherette, but also significantly more expens...


CARS.COM — Car upholstery can come in several different types, ranging from basic cloth and fabric to various types of leather in luxury vehicles. We are going to cover the differences between ...