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Top 12 Things China is Famous for. 5 years ago. tanishka yadav. Travel & Places. We may think of China only in terms of it’s growth, power and size, but there is more to it. There are many facts and figures about China, which are extremely popular all around the world. China’s huge territory and rich culture leaves a lot to discover and ...


9 most popular USA brands sold in China. By 2030, roughly two-thirds of the world's middle class will be in the Asia Pacific region, largely in China, according to a report by Ernst & Young.


Weibo is one of the most popular sites in China and is often considered to be a combination of Chinese Facebook & Twitter. Weibo is the second most popular social media platform in China with its user base nearing 500 million users.


In this sense, the Western ideals have mingled with the Asian cultures and have created popular cultures of their own. Popular Culture in China. When scrutinizing the cultural context of China, what is apparent is that it has embraced the global popular culture from economy to lifestyles.


The young generation of consumers can be used as a litmus test for what brands will make it in China and what brands will fail. So what companies are currently gaining the loyalty of China's ...


Not to worry, China has plenty more outlandish but delicious drinks to offer, from pearl milk tea to fermented rice wine. Here are 18 beverages that citizens and visitors in China can't live without:


Chinese popular music found its beginnings in the shidaiqu genre. The shidaiqu genre was founded by Li Jinhui in mainland China and was influenced by Western jazz artists like Buck Clayton. After the takeover by the Communist in China, popular music were denounced as Yellow Music, a form of pornography.


What Chinese Consumers Want Most. Small Business Trends attended the Gateway’17 event at Cobo Center June 20 and 21 to learn more. Here are 20 types of products that are especially popular in China right now.


The most popular games in China have to do with online gaming.China has a game called Westward Journey that is something like anadventure game where the players travel through Ancient China ...


In all of China's bloody history, from forced labor at the Great Wall to Tiananmen Square, nothing makes me more ashamed of my ancestral homeland than the fact that Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties was the highest grossing animated film of all time in China.