Political instability is the likelihood of having demonstrations, forms of violence, workers going on strike or the possibility of a coup d'état. It is also measured in terms of whether the government may collapse or not... More »

Political instability can be caused by many factors, including conflict between rival parties, insufficient resources and the proximity to other nations in conflict. Political instability occurs when there is a sudden ch... More »

Overpopulation and political instability are two major obstacles to economic development in Pakistan. Other obstacles include corruption, market imperfection, an inappropriate social structure and the country's dual econ... More »

Democracy has been criticized for perceived weaknesses that include irrational voters, wealth disparity, political instability, and potential oppression by the majority. The Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato, as well... More »

Liberalism as a worldview subscribes to the belief that humans are essentially good, concern for the welfare of others brings about progress, war is not an inevitable state and violence done to others is the fault of evi... More »

The advantages of a democracy include the chance for equality and a stable, responsible administration while the disadvantages include a misuse of public funds and the possibility of making the wrong choice of who to put... More »

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The disadvantages of a unitary system include a lack of power balances, the possibility for slow national response because the national government must control everything, the lack of power in the local government and a ... More »