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It is thought that Pluto's tenuous atmosphere may become even thinner as the planet moves toward aphelion (which it will reach in 2113), then regain its present density as it again moves toward perihelion. Why should this be? Thanks and I'll pick best answer


It is extremely tenuous, the surface pressure being only a few microbars. Pluto's atmosphere may exist as a gas only when Pluto is near its perihelion; for the majority of Pluto's long year, the atmospheric gases are frozen into ice. Near perihelion, it is likely that some of the atmosphere escapes to space perhaps even interacting with Charon.


The cold upper atmosphere shuts off the anticipated enhanced-Jeans, hydrodynamic-like escape of Pluto's atmosphere to space. It is unclear whether the current state of Pluto's atmosphere is representative of its average state--over seasonal or geologic time scales.


Scientists say that what looks like mountains can be huge blocks of frozen water, suspended in frozen nitrogen. On the new photo, taken on July 14 and released on September 10, is a pixel 400 meters (440 yards). The closest pass from New Horizons to Pluto brought it about 50,000 miles from the surface.


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In telescope images, they were so tiny that they looked point-like, like stars, rather than disk-like, like planets. And so, more than a century before Pluto was discovered, Ceres was plutoed.


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Ashley:<br /><br />This is an astute comment. <br /><br />The difficulty, as I see it, is non-recognition of Pluto&#39;s true significance - that it is the first body found belonging to the Kuiper Belt. That&#39;s a scientific reality, not an opinion or a value judgement. As such, it should be easy for scientists to accept.


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