Beryllium nitride, also called triberyllium nitride, is the chemical compound with the molecular formula Be3N2 and a molar mass is 55.06 grams per mole. It is a yellow-white powder at standard temperature and pressure, a... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Silver nitride, previously referred to as fulminating silver, has a molecular formula of Ag3N. It is a solid chemical compound that is black and metallic-looking in appearance. It is known to be explosive and flammable. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Rubidium nitride is a chemical represented by the molecular formula Rb3N. Each molecule of rubidium nitride contains three atoms of rubidium and one atom of nitrogen. More »

(NH4)2CO3 is the chemical formula of ammonium carbonate, a chemical compound with a molar mass of 96.09 grams per mole. Its density is 1.50 grams per cubic centimeter. It is normally soluble in water, but it decomposes i... More »

Chloroacetic acid is a compound with the formula C2H3ClO2 and a molecular weight of 94.5 grams per mole. It is a colorless or white crystalline solid that is corrosive and soluble in water. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Lysine, also known as 2,6-Diaminohexanoic acid, is an amino acid with the molecular formula C6H14N2O2 and the structural formula HO2CCH(NH2)(CH2)4NH2. Its molar mass is 146.19 grams per mole, and its solubility in water ... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

The molar mass of Fe2O3, which is the chemical formula for iron(III) oxide, is 159.68 grams per mole. The molar mass is determined by adding together the atomic weight of each atom in the compound. More »